Why IT Atom?

IT Atom is a very ambitious company which is not afraid of challenges and is open for unconventional solutios. We are very flexible, we adjust to demands and if we lack knowledge on a subject, we don't say „No” - we gain necessary knowledge and process the order!

Gained experience

We have considerable experience in creating software for production control, which closely interacts with automation systems using the OPC technology. Our applications support production for, among others, PKN Orlen S.A., Electrolux and EC Opole.

We are open for cooperation!

Our company's infrastructure, philosophy and the way we work enable establishing easy cooperation.

IT Atom Ninja Team

Are you in trouble? Do you have problems with a system? Do you lack knowledge and exerience in solving problems? Contact us – as for these issues a team of specialists has been set up. A team who is immediately able to do an analysis and troubleshooting.


IT Atom company was founded thanks to the combination of long experience and vast knowledge of IT professionals which involves areas such as Power Industry, Automation, Banking, Telecommunications.

Our knowledge and experience were gained while working in multinational, renowned IT companies such as Witron, ABB, Accenture, ESRI(UK).

We offer our services not only in the domestic market but also globally. We are known in the United States for cooperation with Netstellar and NeoGenomics Laboratories.

Neo Genomic Laboratories
Control Tec